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Domestic Seals


The fridge door seal holds the door closed using a strip of magnet contained inside the seal. If you find that your fridge isn’t sealing properly you may need to either replace your seals, adjust your door or both.

How to find the model number:

The model number can generally be found on a sticker inside the fridge. Although, it varies from brand to brand. Fisher & Paykel fridges have model number on a silver plate on top of the kick plate, whilst Westinghouse fridges have the model number on a sticker inside the fridge.

How to measure a fridge seal:

When measuring you need to measure across the top of the seal and down one side. This way we can cross reference the model and size.


How to fit sheets

Fisher Paykel

Screw in type for Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Amana and many other. These seals are held in place with a row of screws. 

Press in type seals for Westinghouse, LG, Kelvinator, Samsung and many others. These seals press into a large slot around the door.

Foamed in seals 

We stock common brand door seals such as:-
Admiral, Fisher and Paykel, Hoover, Kelvinator, L.G, Philips, Samsung and Westinghouse.
We also stock the following Brands:-
Amana, Astor, Centrix, Electrolux-Email, Frigidaire, GE and Rank, General, Kitchenmaid, Kleenmaid, L.G, Leonard, Lemair, Malleys Whirlpool, Metters, National, Norge, Pacific,  Sanyo, Sharp, Shaun Deluxe, Skope and many others.
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